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Gila County Fiber Explained in 3 Minutes

Woody Cline, - Gila County Board of Supervisors

A Message from County Board of Supervisors

The COVID pandemic makes this crystal clear: reliable internet is critical infrastructure – as essential as electricity and water.  Gila County is developing a broadband strategy that engages community interest and assesses the need, network technology, infrastructure cost and various delivery alternatives for providing broadband services throughout Gila County. We are committed to broadband network that is:

  • Affordable

  • Smart and Future-Proof Fiber Network

  • County Wide, as extensive as practical

  • Competitive and open to all interested internet service providers

  • Subscribers can opt-in or opt-out; based on the subscribers’ choice

Gila County invited stakeholders to small-team meetings throughout 2019, brainstorming how we will improve connectivity. We learned that over 900 communities in the U.S. have some form of a publicly-owned broadband network: some municipal utilities are cooperatives, others private/public partnerships, and some are wholly-owned.  A common theme for these publicly owned broadband utilities is that they lower cost to subscribers, invite competition among internet service providers, and increase the speed and reliability of the network.

During the next three quarters of 2020, we welcome communities and Apache Nations within Gila County to join us, as we craft our comprehensive strategic and business plan – the road ahead leading towards a public fiber-optic network. During this process we will share information, update all stakeholders, and answer your questions via this website, community meetings, and media outreach.

Thanks for your interest in this innovative concept, and we very much look forward to completing the planning process and moving toward affordable, available and reliable broadband connectivity together as a community.


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